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North Shore Massachusetts-Based Legal Solutions

Mediation: An Empowering Legal Solution

While mediation is the primary focus of Legal Solutions, LLC, and the firm believes in the effectiveness of bringing parties together in a neutral environment to freely and confidentially present their position in front of a neutral third party, litigation services are also available if mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods fail to offer a solution. The extensive legal and business background offered by Legal Solutions, LLC is the reason that this Winchester, Massachusetts-based law firm has successfully solved so many disputes between opposing parties.

Brett Little is the primary attorney and mediator at Legal Solutions. As an attorney, he offers guidance and counsel to individuals, families and business owners. As a mediator, he helps disputing parties find middle ground. As a litigator, he helps parties involved in contract, employment, mergers, acquisitions and other business-related disputes that have not been resolved with collaborative methods.

Contact Legal Solutions for creative resolutions to your disputes and skilled legal counsel. The firm provides facilitative mediation services and innovative legal solutions that individuals and businesses alike have come to trust. Take action now by calling (617) 892-4208 or sending an e-mail for effective counsel with an experienced lawyer and mediator located in Winchester, Massachusetts.

The Mediation Process Works Like This

A mediation session typically begins with a joint meeting of the parties and in some cases, their attorneys or insurance company representatives. The mediator explains the process and gives the parties information about the confidential and non-binding nature of the proceedings.

Next, the mediator will ask each of the parties (or the attorneys, if in attendance) to make a presentation of their case, identifying the issues in dispute. Following the joint meeting, if necessary, the mediator may separate the parties and begin meeting with each party individually in a series of private and confidential meetings. The mediator works with each of the parties to analyze their positions and assists with developing options for settlement.

Mediation sessions may continue until a settlement is reached or it becomes apparent that the mediation will be unsuccessful. Sometimes a dispute may be resolved in a single session, at other times multiple sessions may be needed. Even if the mediation process does not completely resolve the dispute, it often develops solutions to some aspects and helps parties better frame issues for litigation. Legal Solutions can move your case forward to litigation when other methods have failed.

The most important thing to remember about this process is that the parties themselves are in control of the outcome , not some jury or an overworked judge.

Team Up With Legal Solutions to Resolve Disputes

Based in Winchester, Legal Solutions provides facilitative mediation and litigation services to Massachusetts residents in the Greater Boston area. Take action now by sending an e-mail or calling (617) 892-4208 for effective counsel from an experienced lawyer and mediator.