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Winchester, Massachusetts Construction Dispute Mediator

Find Middle Ground Through Effective Mediation

Construction projects involve an intricate balance of quality management, specialized expertise and professionalism to run smoothly. No two construction projects are alike, which adds interesting twists and often confusion to the process. In some cases, small but important information exchanges are not in writing. If contractors, sub-contractors, owners or inspectors experience a cost, time or liability issue, these kinds of disputes call for speedy and effective resolution.

Massachusetts-based Legal Solutions provides objective, effective mediation services for disputants involved in a construction operations — large or small. Brett Little, principal for Legal Solutions, is uniquely qualified as an experienced attorney, and mediator for the construction industry.

Contact Legal Solutions by calling (617) 892-4208 or sending an e-mail to learn more about solving construction disputes through mediation.

For the multi-faceted construction industry, mediation offers a low-risk possibility for parties to create their own solution to disputes. Additionally, mediation creates opportunities to save time and money, bring information to light, and generate a final, binding agreement. Parties retain control of the outcome and work towards their own resolution of the dispute.

The Mediation Process

An effective mediator possesses unique traits to mediate a construction dispute. Authority, patience, legal and industry knowledge are key characteristics that Brett Little brings to successful mediations.

The mediation process includes preparation for mediation, the mediation conference itself, and the drafting of an agreement representing the resolution of the dispute.

Initially, one or two pre-mediation phone calls or informal meetings are set up to help each party understand the process, for the mediator to understand the scope of the issues presented, and discussions about possible solutions. It's also a conference designed to ensure all parties are committed to the process.

At the mediation, each party, or their attorney if present, presents their story and whatever documentary evidence and other information that may be relevant. Issues are then narrowed and potential solutions framed and if a resolution is reached, an agreement is drawn up for both or all parties to sign.

Are they final? When the parties have finished the mediation process and have worked together for a mutually satisfactory resolution, there is a strong likelihood that they will carry out the terms of the settlement agreement. However, if a party refuses to perform in accordance with the settlement agreement, a second mediation may be necessary.

Call a Professional Construction Mediator

Contact Legal Solutions today to talk with an experienced construction and business lawyer and mediator. Either call (617) 892-4208 or send an e-mail. Winchester-based Legal Solutions proudly serves the Greater Boston and North Shore areas of Massachusetts.