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Family Business / Financial Mediation

Mediation For Family Business Challenges

"Family business" is a term that seems like an oxymoron. Family is family, and business is business, but when the two mix, simple issues can become exceedingly complex. In family business conflicts, there are extra pressures, emotions and likely frustrations involved; matters must be handled delicately, yet effectively.

From family financial matters to business dealings between family members, it's important to resolve issues in a fair and civil manner. Legal Solutions, LLC is a business law firm that understands the undercurrents of family business. Mediation is the way in which Legal Solutions can successfully help families find solutions to disputes and inertia.

Meet with an experienced mediator at Legal Solutions at (617) 892-4208 or send an e-mail to set up an appointment with certified mediator and trusted lawyer Brett Little.

Why Mediation?

  • Mediation is more cost effective than litigation – its affordable
  • Mediation is an unbiased process
  • Family members are empowered to control their own destiny
  • Mediation can improve communications in these closely-held environments
  • Mediation can lead to follow-on strategies

Resolve Family Business Mediation Disputes Today

Begin to repair family business and financial matters by contacting Legal Solutions. Legal Solutions will build a facilitate a bridge for family resolutions. Either call (617) 892-4208 or send us an e-mail to Legal Solutions. Led by an experienced mediator and attorney, Legal Solutions, LLC is based in Winchester, Massachusetts, and serves the Greater Boston and North Shore areas.