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Massachusetts-Based Legal Solutions Solves Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Creating Landlord and Tenant Agreements That Last

Many issues arise between tenants and landlords, in both commercial and residential environments. Leasing, code issues, bankruptcies, lead paint or asbestos removal, repairs, discrimination and problem tenants are just a few of them. These conflicts require formal resolutions that protect both parties' interests. Legal Solutions, LLC, based in Winchester, Massachusetts, understands your issues and how to resolve landlord/tenant disputes by applying the powerful tools of mediation.

Contact Legal Solutions by calling (617) 892-4208 or sending an e-mail to get informed about your rights and to receive solutions-based guidance.

Conflict Resolution for Landlords

Massachusetts law is considered to be "tenant friendly." Landlords have very strict requirements that govern the ways in which they deal with tenants. Before dealing with a tenant issue, it is advisable for landlords to consult with a trusted attorney. Legal Solutions is experienced in landlord-tenant law.

Legal Solutions is led by attorney and mediator Brett Little. He has extensive experience handling business, family and real estate-related issues. He begins each case the same way, by assessing the situation and providing guidance on dealing not only with current issues, but proactively handling future ones. There are operation processes and dispute prevention measures that have helped Legal Solutions' clients in the past. And, when resolution requires intervention, Brett Little is a proficient facilitator of landlord tenant dispute mediation.

Legal Solutions solves a wide range of landlord matters. Call to find out how Legal Solutions can serve as your off-site landlord attorney and general counsel.

Conflict Resolution for Tenants

Often times, tenants do not understand their rights. In the cases of evictions, raised rent, unsafe conditions, discrimination and many other adversarial conditions, seeking out an attorney is critical to solve landlord tenant disputes. Mediation is the most practical, cost-effective way to solve landlord tenant disputes, and Legal Solutions is experienced and successful at helping tenants and landlords find middle ground. Should mediation or other alternative dispute methods fail to resolve your issues, the firm can also take your case to litigation.

Call Legal Solutions for an attorney who understands Massachusetts' renters law, and for a mediator who can help you resolve issues without involving expensive lawsuits.

Protect Your Rights with Legal Solutions

When conflicts arise in landlord-tenant arrangements, seek the advice of an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer as quickly as possible. An eviction, or a costly holdover, can be devastating and there are steps to take to avoid court. Call (617) 892-4208 or send an e-mail to receive fair, practical counsel and mediation services.

Legal Solutions proudly serves the Arlington, Burlington and North Shore areas of Massachusetts.