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Legal Solutions Provides Partnership Mediation in Massachusetts

Resolve Partnership Disputes Quickly and Cost Effectively

Business partnerships can operate harmoniously for years, only to change suddenly and dramatically. In this event, there are many routes to take to "right the ship" and move forward. Unfortunately, partners often neglect the issues, assuming that they will sort themselves out, or partners can be proactive to resolve their differences.

In contrast to the destructive path of litigation, mediation often proves to be an ideal solution, improving communications and strengthening relationships.

Where Do Partner Negotiations Begin?

Legal Solutions, LLC offers effective, unbiased mediation to help partners equitably resolve conflicts. Brett Little, principal attorney, mediator and arbitrator is experienced with business law and trusted as an effective mediator. He will help parties navigate the business details and facilitate a strategy that will meet their mutual goals — with a firm legal basis for the future.

Contact Legal Solutions by calling (617) 892-4208 or sending an e-mail to schedule an appointment to begin resolving your partnership dispute.

The Mediation Process for Partnership Dispute Resolution

Effective mediation of partnership or employment disputes requires legal savvy, patience and business experience — characteristics that Brett Little brings to the mediations he conducts.

The successful mediation requires thorough preparation, active participation in the mediation itself, and the acceptance or "investment" in the final agreement.

Initially, one or two pre-mediation conferences are set up with each of the parties. Their purpose is to help each party understand the process, for the mediator to understand the scope of the mediation and open up dialog to determine potential solutions. It's also a conference designed to ensure all parties are committed to moving forwards. During the mediation itself, parties present their views of the dispute in a neutral and non-threatening environment, work to develop mutually acceptable goals and ultimately craft a resolution. It may take more than one mediation session, but given motivated parties, mediation can achieve in a short period of time that which litigation can never do — create a stronger relationship.

Is the mediation finished at that point? Largely yes, but when parties see the power of the process, other issues are often presented for resolution and these tools are often incorporated into the next phase of corporate life.

Call a Professional Construction Mediator

Contact Legal Solutions today to help you come to a mutually agreeable resolution to your business dispute. Legal Solutions, led by lawyer and mediator Brett Little, serves the Greater Boston, Arlington, Winchester and North Shore areas of Massachusetts. Either call (617) 892-4208 or send an e-mail today.