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FINRA Securities Mediator

Legal Solutions, LLC: Skillful Handling of Securities Mediation

Great risks and great rewards come with financial trading and investing. As stakes rise and losses mount, the relationship between investor and financial broker-dealer can easily turn into a tenuous one.

For investors or advisors on either side of securities trading and investing conflicts, mediation has been an effective alternative to litigation or arbitration. Securities mediation puts the disputing parties in control of the outcome and can resolve issues in a fraction of the time of a lawsuit or even so-called fast track arbitration.

Do not risk your securities mediation to inexperience. Call Legal Solutions, LLC at (617) 892-4208 or send an e-mail to learn more about quality securities mediation services to clients in the North Shore and Greater Boston areas. Securities mediation clients receive the value-added benefit of a FINRA panel mediation attorney who is intimately familiar with the relevant regulations of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (better known as "FINRA").

Bringing In-Depth Knowledge and Extensive Experience

What sets Legal Solutions apart from other securities mediation providers is the level of insight, knowledge and authority offered. Securities mediation can be the most complex of all mediation dispute areas. Brett Little, principal attorney and leading mediator at Legal Solutions, has over a 25 years of experience as a New York trader, federal trial attorney and securities mediator.

Brett Little offers high-value insight to securities mediation sessions, which has helped Legal Solutions clients of all income levels receive high-quality counsel and mediation success. Brett Little is a member of the FINRA mediation panel, and qualified to mediate disputes arising under the FINRA Rules.

Common Securities Claims

Areas where disputes may arise include:

  • Fraud
  • Excessive trading - also known as "churning"
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Front-running
  • Failure to diversify / unsuitable investments
  • Forgery or theft
  • Failures of supervision

Call a Professional Securities Mediator

Contact Legal Solutions today by sending an e-mail or calling (617) 892-4208 to settle your securities disputes quickly, cost-effectively and discreetly. To go forward with mediation, Legal Solutions will arrange a formal meeting with the parties, giving them the opportunity to discuss their differences in a neutral and informal setting. Brett Little, experienced securities lawyer and mediator, will facilitate open communications, ensuring opportunities to explain positions and leading parties from disagreement toward dispute resolution. From a Winchester law office, the firm serves clients in Boston, Arlington and the entire North Shore of Massachusetts.