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Trust Legal Solutions for Legal Counsel on Wills, Trusts or Estates

Helping You Retain Family Heirlooms, Property and Money

Many people think that estate planning is something that is commonly thought of to only be for the wealthy. This is just not the case. Drawing up a will or setting up a trust is a practical way to plan for and implement the transfer of assets during life and upon death. It also helps ensure that your wishes about funeral arrangements and end-of-life care will be honored.

Studies have shown that up to 70 percent of Americans do not have valid wills or estate plans. A well-written will eases the transition for survivors by transferring property quickly and avoiding many tax burdens. In addition, wills and trusts protect family finances and cherished property so that distribution is not solely at the discretion of a probate court judge unfamiliar with your family.

For surviving family members who are faced with an estate without a will in place, an attorney's advice can be invaluable when navigating Massachusetts' probate system. Legal Solutions, LLC is an experienced law firm that will help families solve issues through mediation. To help plan an estate and avoid probate, Legal Solutions and allied specialist counsel also assist in the formal legal procedures involved with drafting a will and settling an estate through mediation. Contact an experienced attorney and mediator by calling (617) 892-4208 or sending an e-mail.

Why Choose Legal Solutions?

It is important to hire a mediator that is also familiar with trusts and estates law. Legal Solutions cut through the positions and deal with the issues quickly and in a cost-effective manner by using mediation.

Wills vary from extremely simple single-page documents to elaborate volumes giving specific instructions for the dispersal of thousands of assets. Legal Solutions will act with appropriate outside counsel to mediate your will and handle disputes between heirs of an estate who might just need a little help in a difficult time.

Legal Solutions offers families in the Arlington and North Shore areas knowledgeable, compassionate counsel and guidance. Receive assistance from a trusted family practice lawyer skilled at handling estate and probate mediation. Contact Legal Solutions either by calling (617) 892-4208 or sending an e-mail.