I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the services of Legal Solutions.  Legal Solutions is a legal professional service concentrating on contract and direct hire of legal professionals such as legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys.

We have legal secretaries, paralegals and attorneys that are available for in house short and/or long term contract assignments to accommodate those who may need additional staffing.  Our office provides fully equipped computers with WordPerfect, Word, Summation, TimeMatters for calendaring, TimeSlips for billing, unlimited Westlaw, QuickBooks for accounting, internet access, legal library and fax machine for firms that may not be able to facilitate additional personnel.  We also have a fully furnished conference room for depositions, mediation and/or trial. 

The financial benefits of using our services are:
a. No training costs
b. No unemployment or social security taxes
c. No Worker's Comp Insurance
d. No vacation pay, health insurance or retirement
e. No need to pay for slack time, only billable hours; and
f. No need to provide space, equipment or supplies.

          We will, along with our contract legal professional services, be concentrating on direct hire and professional level recruiting for legal support staffing and attorneys.  We will also be offering personnel training either in the office of the attorney or in the office of Legal Solutions.  With our resources we will be able to provide these services at a competitive rate.

         We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and further discuss the advantages of using contract personnel, along with any requirements you may have for direct hire legal professionals.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain

Ann C. Rasmussen
Director of Operations