It is my genuine professional pleasure to be able to submit my highest personal recommendation of Legal Solutions, and Ann Rasmussen, to any one who may have need of the best and most competent Paralegal assistance available in this area. I have recently had the privilege of working with Ms. Rasmussen on several cases in the trial preparation stage, but have had the unique opportunity to work with her on a Jones Act and General Maritime Law matter which was scheduled for trial in Federal Court in New Orleans shortly. |more|


Our office is pleased and proud to recommend the professional services of Alesia D. Mottle. Alesia joined our office staff as a law clerk during the spring of her second year of law school and worked continuously thereafter, up to and including her entire third year. We were so impressed by Alesia that we asked her to continue in the clerical capacity with our firm after graduating from law school, which she did until securing employment elsewhere |more|


Kay Matuschka of Legal Solutions, LLC has worked for me as a contract paralegal over the past six months and I highly recommend her services and the services of her entire firm to anyone seeking paralegal assistance. Kay is extremely through, understands intuitively what the lawyer needs to fully prepare a case for trial, and works tirelessly to achieve that end. It is without reservation that I give Kay my highest recommendation in the paralegal arena. |more|